So it’s coming on three days of my one year anniversary of living solo in my new home. I’ts been a year of transition, growth, learning. No regrets, though probably have spent too much time on the sofa…

In between I have crocheted many blankets for friends, walked in and out of my studio absorbing the potential…sometimes sat and made some marks that I now look back on as support. I have cooked and baked for neighbours, talked with heartfelt friends, and began sewing again. I have been present for my Mother and her appointments…and some delicious dinners together that she made. I have gotten my financial house in order.

And though it feels lonely at times, I know I am blessed, because the relationships I have honoured honour me back. Sometimes being far is a big learning when I can allow myself to ask questions.

Where are you learning from these days?

soft roses enlightening


About Hedda G. Sidla

Certified Coach / Professional Artist / Art and Creativity Instructor
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2 Responses to anniversaries

  1. Joanna Gosse says:

    A year well spent! Now everything is ready to start…….xx Jo

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