Bed is a sacred place…it’s where we put our head down and surrender to the night. Where do we go when we’re asleep? How do we wake up in the morning…groggy or energized. I have to say this hot summer has taken a toll on me…I’m and Autumn Girl. I love the cool breezes and lower temperatures. But then I don’t have a mansion with a great pool. And my neighbour and I have had discussions about the weather…he’s not happy right now. I said well then, half of the year is for you, the other half for me.

So September just breezed by and I’m feeling energized again. Painting, coaching, and going to replace the bad carpets to wood flooring in the next few weeks.

The world is full of trauma, my heart goes out to it all…but what I can do right now is be in my community and support it as best I can. That begins with me taking care of  myself, and then reaching out. It’s as simple as making a fresh bed in this moment…

beginnings 3 freshly made bed 2 freshly made bed 3 freshly made bed 1


About Hedda G. Sidla

Certified Coach / Professional Artist / Art and Creativity Instructor
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