art and socialization

I recently had the opportunity to facilitate two volunteer art classes at an Owen Sound school. One was a grade-2 level, the other a grade 6-level.

What I learned…the grade-2ers needed no art lessons…they just needed prompts and off they went…seven drawings each in response to my prompts. They were enthusiastic and infused with creative energy. They were into expressing without judgement…and I believe they could have gone on for hours…

The grade-6 class was enthusiastic…willing to trust the prompts…and still open to the possibilities…some questions were asked…then demonstrations that they had the opportunity to question…they offered many drawings each…even the ones who didn’t now where to start…and stop.

Learning about time is a good thing…yet creativity asks of us the time required to explore…that may be walking, running, seeing, breathing, connecting, witnessing, making, cooking, hugging, sitting, talking or not talking, feeling present…what is helping you learn about your creative soul self?

beginnings 5


About Hedda G. Sidla

Certified Coach / Professional Artist / Art and Creativity Instructor
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2 Responses to art and socialization

  1. emma says:

    Is it possible to know more about you and your work, do you have a website?

    • I don’t have a website at the moment…what would you like to know about me and my work? I would be happy to communicate with you. A question…how did you come to my blog-site?

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