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Many years ago I met a heartfelt artist, Olivier Toupin. I remember the first visit to his Ile d’Orleans (near Quebec City) home/studio. I entered by the front door into a spacious room flooded with afternoon light, that led through a functional kitchen. I stopped. On the large table was a white bowl, ceramic, made by a local potter, partially-filled with kiwi. The perfect size of the bowl, it’s changing whiteness…and the proportions of the natural coloured fruit touched me so deeply. I have never forgotten that image…that experience…nor the moment of moving slowly into his studio to see the expression-full watercolours he was making. He had previously worked as an accountant…and yet had the courage to find his true expression in paint and risk his senior-hood, devoted to creating.. Years have passed since that time…

At a garage sale the other day I found a bowl (I’d been looking for years)…and today I bought a bag of kiwi…though it’s not exactly the same…it touches my heart.

Tell me please, about a memory that is precious to you, and how it continues to live in you today…


About Hedda G. Sidla

Certified Coach / Professional Artist / Art and Creativity Instructor
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2 Responses to inspired memory

  1. joannagosse8 says:

    Dearest Hedda,
    So many wonderful images crowded my memory and then a new memory arrived today with the birth announcement and picture of my glowing sister holding her first grandson reminding me of when my first grandchild, Kayla, was born, 23 years ago. My daughter, Linda, had a daughter and the joy I felt could not be contained. I couldn’t sleep. Love fire poured out of me and illuminated the darkened room with the special kind of love only grandmothers know. Xx. Jo

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